Repairs and Services
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Repairs and Services

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The maintenance and repair service of PSI Piping is there for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to guarantee the continuity of your system.

Our qualified staff has plenty of experience in the quick and expert installation and repair of steel, stainless steel, CuNiFer, copper and plastic pipe systems both on board ships and in the offshore and industrial sectors. We specialise in the performance of large and small repairs, remotorisation and the renovation of your pipework systems in collaboration with a testing institution of your choice.

Application of all welding procedures
Our welders are all certified. On the basis of the required certificates all welding procedures may and can be used for the processing of pipes of all thicknesses. The certificates must be renewed every six months.

We use our CNC-controlled bending machine for the performance of repairs. This machine is excellently suited for bending the desired curves with extreme accuracy. As a result, a high level of quality is guaranteed at all times.

In-house engineering
PSI has an in-house engineering department, which means that we are able to produce specific designs that are fully in line with your wishes and fulfil the requirements of the testing institutions.

Pipework repairs

Pipework can be repaired either on board your vessel or in our workshop. If it is necessary to completely replace a pipe, this is removed and then jigged up in our workshop. This means that the pipe can be exactly replicated. The new pipe can then be fitted without the incorporation of any stresses.


In remotorisation we adapt all pipework systems so that the engines can comply with the latest legislation regarding emissions requirements. The old pipes are expertly removed so that the new engine can be installed. Then the new pipework systems are measured, prefabricated, fitted and securely clamped in place.


All our staff hold a VCA diploma and our supervisors have all VCA Full, which means that offshore activities can and may be performed.

Lorelay offshore project
PSI has connected various thrusters on the pipelayer Lorelay. We have also adapted and expanded the existing pipework. As a result all systems now work properly again. We began the activities in Malaysia and then our engineering department made the production drawings. Then all pipes were prefabricated in our workshop. When the preparatory activities on the Lorelay had been completed, we connected up the thrusters in a very short space of time. This was possible thanks to our short lines of communication and tight scheduling, which allowed all the engineering and prefabrication to be realised in advance.

Industrial pipes

PSI has many years of experience in the connection of storage tanks to loading stations for ships and tanker lorries. The pipes can be installed either above or below ground. Contact us to discuss the options further with no obligation.